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What is SCADA? Role of MMI/HMI SCADA in Industrial Automation?

SCADA: Supervisory control and data acquisition

MMI: Man-Machine Interface

HMI: Human-machine Interface

This acts as an operator station.

1) - The operator can monitor as well as control the parameters from these stations.

2)- Apart from the online process data, the operator will have access to historical and real-time trends, alarms and reports.

3)- The operator can give commands to control hardware for opening the valve, change the setpoint start the pump, etc.

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Plc programming ke practical video dalo me course ko by now kr. Lu nga

Anubhav Jain
Anubhav Jain
Apr 25, 2022
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Hii , You can take PLC Course For Professionals (Allen Bradley) , Hum ne practical video daalna start kar diye hai..PLC Course For Professionals (Allen Bradley) (


Iske baare kuch details me batao

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