PLC Timer Worksheet with Solution

Q1. On a control Panel, Lamp 1 Turns on for 5 Seconds and Turned Off then. Lamp 2 turns on for 5 seconds. Process Repeats Write the logic using 2 TON.

Q2 - A Cross Road in City. Where the red lamp turns on for 15 seconds. Yellow Lamp for 5 seconds, and Green Lamp for 20 seconds and again yellow Lamp turns on for 5 seconds then process repeats. (Reset using done bit NC)

Q3 - When we press the start button, Motor 1 is on for 10 seconds and then off for 10 seconds. (And then this cycle repeats)

4. In a food Processing plant. When the start switch is pressed, Motors 1, and 2 turns on for 5,10 seconds, and Motor 3 & 4 turns on after 5 & 10 seconds.

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